Birdwatching is an activity that allows the encounter with oneself and at the same time exercise the visual and auditory memory. A whole relaxation experience.

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Manu Biosphere Reserve for nature lovers

  • Starts in Cusco City
  • Finish in Puerto Maldonado.
  • Minimun 02 people.
  • Maximun 08 people.
  • Rate USD 2120.00 per person.

This program is recommended for soft birdwatchers and for nature lovers who want to enjoy Manu’s nature. 


Day 1 : Transfer to Wayquecha Biological Station

At 2:00 pm we will depart in private vehicle to Wayqecha Biological Station. On the way we will go through the Acjanaco pass located at 3800 masl that is the beginning of the Manu Cultural area. From Acjanacco we will descend to 3000 masl where Wayqecha Biological Station is located. Check in, dinner and overnight
    • Wayquecha biological station birds: Long-tailed Sylph, Barred Fruiteater, White-collared Jay, Amethyst-throated Sunangel, Crimson-mantled Woodpecker, Pearled Treerunner, Blue-banded Toucanet, Golden-headed Quetzal, Swallow-tailed Nightjar, Andean Solitaire as well as other interesting birds.

Day 2 : Birding from Wayqecha to Villa Carmen Biological Station

Early in the morning we will explore the trails of Wayqecha looking for the most important birds of the Cusco Cloud Forest. At 8:30 am we will enjoy our breakfast and then we will start our way along Manu Road to Villa Carmen Lodge. On the way by Manu Road we will do the most important stops looking for some birds of Manu and the amazing viewpoint on the way.   Arriving to the lodge at 7:00 pm, we will do our check in and we will have our dinner.  
  • Villa Carmen Biological Station Birds: Violaceous Jay, Black-capped Tinamou, Rufous-breasted Hermit, Blue-crowned Trogon, Black-fronted Nunbird, Yellow-tufted Woodpecker, White-browed Antbird, Amazonian Antpitta, Paradise Tanager, Southern Emerald-Toucanet and more.

Day 3 : Villa Carmen B. S. to Tamboblanquillo Lodge by Madre de Dios River

We will start early in the morning watching some birds of Manu rainforest in Villa Carmen gardens area. After breakfast we will start our adventure going to Atalaya town. On the way, we will have some strategical stops to look for some of the animals and birds of Manu. At 11:00 am we will catch our boat to explore the deepest areas of Madre de Dios River. It will be 7 to 8 hours on the boat enjoying the most unforgettable and breathtaking Peruvian Amazonian sceneries. Arriving to the lodge at 7:00 pm, we will do our check in and we will have our dinner.
  • Villa Carmen B. S. - Tamboblanquillo birds: Rufous-crested Coquette, Sand-colored Nighthawk, Tawny-bellied Screech-Owl, Red-and-green Macaw, Common Potoo, Military Macaw, Amazonian Trogon, Wire-crested Thorntail, Horned Screamer, Violet-headed Hummingbird and more.

Day 4 : Macaws Clay Lick (Tamboblanquillo Lodge) and Tamboblanquillo Oxbow Lake

We will start our Machu Picchu Birdwatching Tour at 5:30 am with a peaceful walk towards the Ruinas bridge. Once we get there, we will explore the area in order to look for Machu Picchu Birds like woodpeckers, tanagers, flycatchers, hummingbirds, but especially we will look for the Machu Picchu endemic birds known as Masked Fruiteater, Green-and-White Hummingbird and Inca Flycatcher and other incredible Machu Picchu birds like Andean Motmot, Green Jay and Cock of the Rock. According to the time, we will continue on the way to Mandor cascades. The landscape is flat and it will give us the chance to look for other Machu Picchu birds. At appropriate time we will return to Aguas Calientes town to have our lunch (lunch is not included). At 1:30 pm with our guide, we will catch the bus to go uphill to the Machu Picchu citadel to begin the one-hour and half tour of this magical place. In some areas of Machu Picchu citadel (On the bamboo patches) you will have the opportunity to find other Machu Picchu endemic bird known as Inca wren. At the indicated time (30 minutes before your train schedule) you will board, on your own and with the assistance of the staff of the railway company, the train to go back to the train station of Poroy or Ollantaytambo. Upon arrival to Cusco, our staff will be waiting outside the station with a board with your name to transfer you to your hotel in the city of Cusco.
  • Clay lick birds: Muscovy Duck, Sunbittern, Tui Parakeet, Orange-Cheeked Parrot, Mealy Parrot, Red-and-green Macaw, Blue-throated Piping-Guan, White-necked Jacobin, Rufous-breasted Jacobin, Festive Coquette, Chestnut-capped Puffbird.

Day 5 : The Amazonian Observatory Tower and Camungo Lake:

Early in the morning we are going to go to the observatory tower of Tamboblanquillo. This is a tower adapted to one of the highest trees in this area. More than 50 meters with the summit into the canopy of this tree. The perfect view of the Peruvian Amazonian and also the best chance to see some birds of Manu flying around us between the branches.   In the afternoon we will enjoy another trek to the Camungo Lake. Here we will look for an Otters family, some Shanshos and Camungos too. These are some of the nicest and rare birds of the Peruvian Amazonian.  

Day 6 : Returning to the “civilization”

At appropriate time we will depart on a boat for a 3 hours trip to Boca Colorado. This is a river pier where we will catch a car for one-hour ride to Inambari river. With other boat we will cross the river to catch the last vehicle that will transfer us to Puerto Maldonado airport to catch our flight to Lima City. Our experience finishes in Puerto Maldonado City/airport. End of service.

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